Putting our mind where the heart of EV ecosystem lies

With a team of PhDs and post-doctoral researchers and a fully functional R&D lab, Livguard specializes in developing innovative multi-chemistry energy storage solutions for a variety of stationary & mobility applications.

Delivering energy storage solutions for the future of electric mobility

Li-ion Battery Pack

Our capabilities from cell chemistry R&D to manufacturing battery packs and pan India after-sales support, enable us to deliver reliable and safe energy storage products for automotive and stationary applications.

Battery Pack

Digital BMS & IoT with Analytics





One Ecosystem for all your connected vehicles needs

We offer a full suite of modular solutions starting from telematics devices, Mobile applications, Web applications, Dashboards, Analytics Intelligence, APIs, etc. to help you with all your B2C and B2B business needs while maintaining a fluidic end user experience.

Energy infrastructure powering
India's electric mobility future

With our smart and connected energy infrastructure for electric two and three-wheelers, and wide array of services, we are well on our way to enable the electric mobility revolution in India.

India’s largest short-haul
EV logistics provider

Logistics provides sustainable short-haul logistics services using electric two and three-wheelers. Our range of services enable businesses and e-commerce companies to adopt electric mobility for ecologically sustainable and cost efficient short-haul delivery.

SAR electric mobility provides a unique opportunity to get exposed to and work on wide spectrum of electric mobility transformation in India. With SAR group’s strong legacy of creating strong brands and our people-first DNA, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey to revolutionize the light electric mobility in India. Email us a copy of your resume at careers.emobility@sar-group.com.